Vestas Creates 2,500 Green Jobs

Here’s some good news for the industry and the economy in general, from MyGreen Education and Career:

Vestas opened its first North American manufacturing plant in Windsor earlier this year. The 650-employee facility will produce 1,800 giant wind blades a year.

The new Brighton facilities, which should be operational by July 1, 2010, will include:

* A $180 million blade-manufacturing facility that will produce 1,800 blades a year and provide 650 new jobs.

* A $110 million nacelle assembly factory ( to be their largest in the world) that will produce 1,400 nacelles a year and provide 700 new jobs.

* A Technology and Production Engineering Office.

All told, Vestas’ entire commitment to Colorado represents a nearly $700 million capital investment and 2,450 new jobs

The 178-acre site is located in unincorporated Weld County and will be annexed into Brighton. Vestas is purchasing 112 acres from Brighton and 66 acres from RTD, which obtained the land from the Union Pacific Railroad.

In addition, Vestas intends to build the world’s largest tower-manufacturing facility elsewhere in Colorado; the exact location has not yet been announced.

All told, Vestas’entire commitment to Colorado represents a nearly $700 million capital investment and 2,450 new jobs.

via Vestas Creates 2500 Green Jobs in the North American Wind Industry | MyGreen Education and Career.

That’s 2,400 direct jobs. Many more will be supported and created in direct and indirect suppliers and related businesses: steel producers, trucking, energy, telecommunications, entertainment…


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