A no-fuss solar-powered building | ZDNet Photo Gallery

from the ZDNet photo galleries:

The Boston Architecture School and Tufts University are building the Curio House, a home that’s designed to run entirely from solar energy. It’s the Boston area’s entry into the Solar Decathlon, a Department of Energy-run event where student teams from 20 universities compete for the best solar home design.
Curio House

Teams need to take apart and then reassemble their buildings on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., next month where they will be open to the public for 10 days and judged by a panel.The Boston team has focused its design on affordability, making an 800-square-foot building using almost entirely off-the-shelf products and technologies. It has lined up a buyer for the home in Cape Cod where it is supposed to be the first unit in a green housing development. The projected cost of the building, big enough for two people and a small child, is about $200,000. Students, donors, and school administrators held a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the unfinished building on Thursday at Tufts University in Medford, Mass.


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  1. Anne Wayman on

    Here in San Diego I look at the parking lots that would work so well covered with solar – creating shade and power… otoh, this might interest you:

    • markkeating on


      The Icology group has an interesting approach. Are you familiar with the “tiny house” concept? Same ideological roots, I suspect.

      Solar generators over parking lots? Brilliant! call the Governator! Actually, I recall that the car-sharing program at the uber-hippiness enclave surrounding Oberlin College was planning to install solar carparks and convert their Prius fleet to plug-in hybrids.

      Seriously: solar powered carparks in San Diego could work. Maybe for public transit – combined with hybrid diesel-electric busses (run on biofuel, naturally).

  2. markkeating on

    I misspoke. It turns out that renewable energy, including the solar carpark at Oberlin, provides 100% of the energy for the building housing the college’s Environmental Studies program.

    In Ohio.

    That’s something to think about.

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