Texas completes $1 billion wind energy complex | Green Tech – CNET News

Here’s how you do a wind farm, Texas-style:
Texas completes $1 billion wind energy complex | Green Tech – CNET News.

One of the world’s largest wind farms is now operational in the area surrounding Roscoe, Texas, E.ON Climate & Renewables (EC&R) announced Thursday.

The series of 627 wind turbines providing a 781.5-megawatt capacity covers about 100,000 acres and four Texas counties. But it’s not an isolated wind farm per se, nor a uniform series of turbines.

The wind complex is a collaborative wind project with the community that included negotiations with over 300 landowners, and a mix of different turbines made by several companies including Mitsubishi, General Electric, and Siemens.

It’s an interesting approach. To date most wind farms have been relatively compact – at least as compact as very large, moving devices that require the free flow of wind around or through them can be. This project took a different approach, resulting in the largest wind farm in the US both in terms of geography and generating capacity.

Maybe this will stimulate other development in areas with commercial-scale wind, but resistance to large numbers of turbines in one contiguous plot because of concerns over noise, or impacts on wildlife.


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