Aim Write – a full service internet marketing company for small businesses

Believe it or not, this blog is just a sideline! My actual business, Aim Write Marketing Communications provides internet marketing solutions for small businesses.

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Internet marketing solutions for small business

With the individual insurance portion of the Affordable Care Act coming online next year, a lot of that activity has centered on health care providers – doctors, dentists, chiropractors – who would like to reach out to the new pool of potential patients. But I’ve worked with many different categories: home improvement, high tech, business consulting, automotive. I’m a naturally curious person, so the great part about my job is learning new things all the time.

Head over to the site to see what that’s all about. We have some free interactive tools to measure local internet presence:

  • The local search ranking report provides a snapshot of how well a business is showing up in local searches. There is also a free video from my friend and mentor David Sprague on how to improve your business’ ranking.
  • The reputation report checks sites like Google+ and Yelp and shows what customers are saying (or not!) about your business. A business’ reputation online can have a dramatic impact on a company’s bottom line, and this report shows how to build and market a “five star” reputation online.

SPECIAL OFFER FOR BLOG VISITORS: Visit the Aim Write contact page for a no charge, no obligation analysis of your website – worth $497 – and tips on how to improve your internet marketing effort. Put code “treehugger” in the comment box 🙂

Or check out Aim Write Marketing Communications on Facebook. You know. In your copious free time.


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